A serverless adventure

Based on the work done by Dave Kerr, AWS Alien Attack is a serverless application developed to support our partners in discussions, learning, and tasting different AWS services.

The game is in fact an event source, which produces data that needs to be ingested, processed, stored, and analyzed. In practice, you can use the application to exercise your understanding about AWS services and to explore the different serverless architectures for games, IoT, financial transactions, and more.

While playing, each player will be sending a payload of approximately 120 bytes, at an average rate of 53 events/s in playing time. We wanted to have multiple players playing together, and to give it a competition flavor, and be as cheap as possible, without hurting the principles of a well-architected design.

With this application we're inviting you to think about:

The application will be used to support the deliverables of workshops and bootcamps for AWS partners and AWS-attached educational programs.

This example DOES NOT apply the best practices for development, and the architecture was designed considering some assumptions. The idea is to use this code and architecture as a starting poing for discussion, evolution, study, and training.

Fork it, and #GoBuild !!!